Chantelle Cocquyt

Hello! I am a PhD student in the Memory and Imagination Lab working under the supervision of Dr. Daniela Palombo. My research focuses on emotion and memory both in the form of behavioural and neuroimaging studies. I am currently leading an fMRI project examining how emotion affects how co-occuring neutral information is remembered and appraised.


Cocquyt, CM, Madan, CR, & Palombo, DJ (in revision). The retrograde effects of negative emotion on memory for conceptually related events. (Stage 1 Registered Report). Cognition & Emotion.

Cocquyt, CM & Palombo, DJ (in revision). Emotion in the mind’s eye: Imagination for adaptive cognition. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Cocquyt, CM, Youngson, N, & Sutton, J (2022). Sex differences and cognitive maps: Studies in the lab don’t always reflect cognitive map accuracy in everyday life. Frontiers.

Wardell, V, Madan, CR, Jameson, T, Cocquyt, C, Checknita, K,  Liu, H, Palombo, DJ (2021). How emotion influences the details recalled in autobiographical memory. Applied Cognitive Psychology.

Palombo, DJ & Cocquyt, C (2020). Emotion in context: Remembering when. Trends in Cognitive Sciences. 24(9),687-690. doi: 10.1016/j.tics.2020.05.017


PhD in Cognitive Science
Doctor of Philosophy, September 2021-Present
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia

Masters in Cognitive Science
Master of Arts, September 2019-August 2021
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia

Honours Specialization in Psychology
Honours Bachelor of Arts, September 2014-June 2018
Brescia University College at The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario