Kate Checknita

Kate Checknita, Research Assistant

I am a BA Psychology graduate at UBC, and work as a research assistant in MI. My research focus is how negative emotion impacts different aspects of episodic memory, such as memory for temporal and associative context. I am also interested in sexual health research and education. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, exercising, and going to the beach!

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Wardell, V, Madan, CR, Jameson, TJ, Cocquyt, C, Checknita, K, Liu, H, & Palombo, DJ. (submitted). Autobiographical memory: how emotion influences the details recalled.

Palombo, DJ, Te, A, Checknita, K, Madan, CR. (in press). Exploring the facets of emotional episodic memory: Remembering ‘what’, ‘when’, and ‘which’. Psychological Science.