Taylyn Jameson

Taylyn Jameson, Volunteer

I graduated from UBC with a BA in Psychology in 2019 and have since been involved as a Directed Studies student, Research Assistant, and, presently, a Volunteer in the MI Lab. Currently, I am collaborating on a project within the lab that aims to investigate the stability of memory over time as a function of perspective and the predictive power of anxiety, depressive, and dissociative symptoms on perspective consistency. Through my research, I endeavour to investigate the cognitive profiles, behavioural patterns, and biological markers that contribute to risk and resilience following stress exposure, particularly in the context of anxiety, depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder. In my free time, you can find me walking through Pacific Spirit Regional Park, drying flower arrangements, or taking care of one of my many plant babies.

Wardell, V, Madan, CR, Jameson, T, Cocquyt, C, Checknita, K,  Liu, H, Palombo, DJ (2021). How emotion influences the details recalled in autobiographical memory. Applied Cognitive Psychology.